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Asphalt Services

About asphalt

Asphalt Maintenance Asphalt is a petroleum-based product that is both flexible and solid. However, normal use and weathering will begin to deteriorate the flexibility which gives asphalt its durability. And so proper maintenance and repairs are key to preserving the useful life of asphalt surfaces.

New paving

Installing new asphalt and repairing damaged pavement is what we do most often. And we believe no one does it better. Paving requires not only the right equipment and materials, but the correct assessment of what is needed to provide the best solution. This includes establishing the proper sub-grade and crushed rock base for the asphalt. Each needs to be the correct thickness and compaction. Since the subgrade and base provide support for the asphalt itself, getting these right are crucial to the final result and long-term life of your pavement.

New paving from Atlas can involve much more than just installation of asphalt itself. We can also assist with traffic and capacity planning, french drains, berms, curbing and more.

Seal coating

Seal coating is an important pavement maintenance procedure that can prolong the life of your pavement and improve its appearance. It also provides one of the greatest returns on your maintenance dollar. Atlas paving uses an asphalt emulsion sealant that helps prevent damage caused by gas, oil, and UV rays. The sealant creates a barrier against the deterioration caused by these solvents, by weather and oxidation. It also restores the slate black appearance, while reducing future maintenance costs.

Crack filling

Preventing moisture and dirt from penetrating to the subgrade are the keys to prolonging the life of asphalt paving. That’s why crack filling is an important maintenance procedure. Atlas uses the hot pour method to seal these cracks and prevent minor problems from becoming major repair issues.


We can customize a plan to install new lines and signage to new parking lots, or we’re equipped to re-stripe your existing lot. This service also includes the installation of reflective markers for centerlines or fire hydrants. We canb also update your parking layout to increase the number of stalls by blacking out old lines and re-striping as necessary. Current ADA requirements can also be incorporated into your project as needed.


We are equipped to install new curbing, or to repair or replace broken sections and restore the original appearance of your parking lot.

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